Prevention Spotlight: Lipscomb University

We thought we would share some good news in the light of all the uncertainty. Lipscomb University just shared a suicide prevention video with me that they created and are willing to share. I have included the description from Andrea Mills below. Thanks to Lipscomb for sharing!

From Lipscomb University:

Just recently, Lipscomb wrapped up our 3 year SAMHSA GLS campus suicide prevention grant. One of our goals was to create a video we could: 

1. show to our students and particularly our incoming freshmen that helped reduce stigma and educate them on mental health 

2. Be used by other universities around the nation for the same purpose. 

This video was born out of that goal. One of our amazing students offered to share her story so that other people might feel less fear around this topic. Please feel free to use the video at your university in whatever capacity you need. If you have questions or positive stories to share regarding the use of the video, you can contact me at:

Click here to watch the video!