Prevention Spotlight: Fisk University

This week's Prevention Spotlight is Fisk University. Below is a description of their Project Intersections activites. 

Fisk University Project Description: On January 31st, we held a movie and discussion with speaker Jay Dent. We watched the movie “Roxanne Roxanne” then discussed its ties to sexual assault, substance abuse, and choosing better partners. Our invited speaker, Jay Dent, was able to speak on her book, "The Dangers of Being Gullible". Activities were also incorporated within the discussion. Through the grant, we also purchased swag for our sexual assault campaign titled, “I Bet You Thought”. During the month of April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we hosted a week long campaign of events. We had Panel Discussions hosted by the Hope Clinic, a “This Ends With Me” Gathering, and a Lock-In Party. We were able to use the swag, shirts and power banks purchased with grant money, as give-aways.