Prevention Spotlight: University of the South

This week's Prevention Spotlight is University of the South (Sewanee). Below is a description of their Project Intersections activites. 

University of the South Project Description: Campus parties are where we often see a pattern of the intersection of alcohol and sexual assault/violence. Therefore, our program is called “E.P.I.C. Tea Party Workshop for undergrads.” EPIC stands for Everyone Practice Integrity and Consent. The “Tea” in the name is a nod to the Tea and Consent Youtube video where a cup of tea is used as an analogy to explain consent. This workshop is designed to address four factors: Sexual Integrity, Event Management, Adulting with Adult Beverages, and Bystander Intervention. The workshop will be a half day in which Greek students (our campus is 75% Greek) will engage with a large scale case study where they will come up with the best resolution (within policy) for their component of the case study. The workshop will also include a pre and post test component of the updated policies which they will have to apply when determining how to resolve the challenges of the case study. Participants will receive specially designed T-shirts and consent awareness swag for their attendance. In addition, the Greek organization that provides the best case study resolution during the training workshop will receive campus program support to throw an EPIC Tee Party of their own (i.e. a party where the elements learned in the workshop are actively performed at their campus party). Party attendees will also receive a Tea Party T-Shirt and consent swag. ​

The University of the South provided a link to this video for reference.