Prevention Spotlight: Christian Brothers University

This week's Prevention Spotlight is Christian Brothers University. Below is a description of their Project Intersections activites. 

Christian Brothers University Project Description: The Project Intersections funding was used on various projects throughout April raising awareness for "Sexual Assault Awareness" month. One of our major programs was the "What were you wearing?" art installation located next to our dining hall. This project displayed clothing/outfits warn by sexual assault survivors. Throughout this project, we had a display table with various give-away items purchased with the funding: 1. Lip balm with the "I ASK" logo used for discussion and information on consent, 2. Cell phone pockets-displayed the "I ASK" logo & bystander tips were provided to the students, 3. Writing pens with the CBU logo and CBU counseling center phone number on them. The display table also included information alcohol & sexual assault. A second project we used the funding on was the "Safe Spring Break" program. Sunglasses with the CBU logo were purchased and included in our Safe Spring Break Kit that was offered to all students. The kit included  sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, waters, drug detecting coasters & educational information/brochures on binge drinking and sexual assault statistics!​