Prevention Spotlight: Cumberland University

This week's Prevention Spotlight is Cumberland University! Below is a description of their Project Intersection activities. 

Cumberland University Project Description: At Cumberland, we used the funding to create a "reality vs perception" project. We wanted our students to take a moment to think through what they think they know and what are true facts. When students first walked in, they reflected on alcohol and sexual assault on campus. We asked them to self identify if they: knew someone who had experiences an unhealthy relationship, been in an unhealthy relationship, or experience sexual assault or violence. This helps them realize the numbers of people who were effected by sexual violence, even if mostly indirectly, is high. We need to spend more time having conversations and empowering victims. Next, we had multiple statements on alcohol that we asked them to identify as true or false. Students were surprised with how many had wrong information. Lastly, we had red solo cups where we asked students to pour an average drink for them. We then measured the amount the poured to education them on a drink size vs how much they are drinking. Then, we allowed them to play with our virtual reality game.