Prevention Spotlight: Lane College

This week's Prevention Spotlight is Lane College! Below is a description of their Project Intersections Activities. 

Lane College Project Description: This past Spring 2019 semester, Lane College presented “Spoken Silence:  Painting in 3 D” a prevention program hosted by the Lane College Counseling Center, Health Services and Art Department.  The goals of the program used three points of intersectionality to promote student success by engaging students in:​

  • Awareness of sexual assault and safety risks associated with the use of alcohol and other substances on the college campus;

  • Education and student learning exchange that taught the definition of sexual assault explaining the meaning and dynamics of consent and; ​

  • Skills Development gained through watching 5 live creative expression sessions through the use of poetry/spoken word, music and visual art. The demonstrations helped students discover forms of creative expression they could use as healthy tools to cope with trauma and self-regulate complex emotions.​

Due to student response, our campus wide conversation continued throughout the remainder of the semester and developed into the “2019 Spring Express”.  Students and staff were allowed to capture their feelings on canvas in painting sessions as they reflected on the 2018/2019 academic year.  Artwork was displayed in our Art Gallery and open for the entire campus to experience. ​