Special Study on TN Campus Marijuana Use

Special Project Details

CHASCo has partnered with TICUA to commission a study on trends of marijuana use across the State. There is lots of great data in the CORE survey concerning use of marijuana on your campuses, but up to now, CHASCo has not had the ability to analysis it from the State perspective. A group of doctoral students at Lipscomb University will look at national trends and use the CORE data and possible surveys or interviews of students and campus staff to analyze the trends in Tennessee. These students will be working on this project as a capstone to their course work. They will be advised by faculty at Lipscomb and will submit their project to Lipscomb’s institutional review board. The results of this study will be available to CHASCo members in Summer 2018. We hope that the information they present will be useful to campuses in their educational efforts, as well as set up CHASCo with additional information that will inform our future work. Please know that we are not asking the students to do any institutional level analysis; the analysis will be at the aggregate level. 

Please sign and email me this data share agreement in order to participate. A campus must have facilitated the CORE within the last five years in order to be eligible to participate.