CHASCo Webinars



Creating a Campus Prevention Plan Using the SPF Model: May 2018

CHASCo hosted a webinar to assist campuses in developing a campus prevention plan utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework Model (SAMHSA). We reviewed the 8 domains required within the model and strategies/activities that campuses may use to address each domain. The recording is located on the Members-Only section of the website.

CORE: Best Practices for Survey Administration, August 2017  CHASCo hosted a webinar in partnership with our external evaluator, Jon Miles, and our CORE Representative, Laura Ann Rowald. The goal of this webinar was to assist our campuses with any questions or concerns they have about administering the CORE survey in 2017-18.  Click for Recording


CORE: Best Practices for Survey Administration, Feb 2017  CHASCo Evaluator, Jon Miles, conducted a webinar focused on best practices for administering the CORE. Click for Recording