Resources for Creating a Social Norms Campaign


Social Norm Campaigns: Best Practices​: Click for Recording and Click here for the Powerpoint.

Jennifer Catlett, Carson Newman University, and Lisa Schrader, MTSU

Participants will:

  • be able to distinguish a social norms campaign from a social marketing campaign.
  • be able to apply marketing principles like the 4P’s and audience segmentation to a social norms campaign.
  • be able to describe some social norms campaign strategies that have been effective at both small and large institutions.
  • learn from other campuses what CORE questions were used for their social norms messages.

Click here for an updated document containing TN campus SN messages from 2016-2018. These examples include references to the CORE.


Click here for the step by step Guide for Creating SN Campaigns for 2020 Awardees.


National Resources:

  • National Social Norms Institute:  The mission of the National Social Norms Institute is to provide research, evaluation, and dissemination of information on the social norms approach to the field. Specific goals include demonstration and facilitation of the methodology to other health issues and other populations.
  • The Social Norming 101 Primer provides comprehensive and practical resources with a wealth of examples and demonstrations. The site is overseen by one of the preeminent figures in social norms practice, Dr. Wesley H. Perkins.

Social Norms Examples