CHASCo believes that assessment is absolutely essential to the decision-making process and strategic planning of any institution interested in curtailing high-risk behaviors. Therefore, CHASCo assists institutions by providing funding for members to conduct various levels of assessment.

Population-Level Assessment

The Healthy Minds Survey is an annual web-based study examining mental health, service utilization, and related issues among undergraduate and graduate students. Since its national launch in 2007, HMS has been fielded at about 300 colleges and universities with over 300,000 survey respondents. For more information about Healthy Minds, visit their website. 

CHASCo institutions have the ability to implement the Healthy Minds Survey once every three years. CHASCo requires the Substance Use Module, the Bystander Module and a set of custom questions that campuses are required to implement. Campuses also have the ability to customize 2-3 questions of their own. For more information about participating in this study, please contact the CHASCo Director

Member Satisfaction Assessment

Member Survey 2016