CHASCo believes that assessment is absolutely essential to the decision-making process and strategic planning of any institution interested in curtailing high-risk behaviors. Therefore, CHASCo assists institutions by providing funding for members to conduct various levels of assessment.

Population-Level Assessment

The CORE survey is provided by the CORE Institute located at Southern Illinois University and may be administered in either paper or electronic format. For information about reliability of their instrument and a sample of their long-form survey (the instrument CHASCo uses), please click here.

Institutions participating in the CHASCo-funded CORE survey utilize CORE's long-form instrument which is approximately 50 questions. For those choosing to administer the survey electronically, CHASCo elected to add additional questions in order for campuses to receive more data related to the perceived norms on campus. To review the additional questions, please click here.

Member Satisfaction Assessment

Member Survey 2016