Subcommittee Membership

All CHASCo liaisons will be asked to participate in subcommittee work groups as needed. 

The Programming Subcommittee will: 

  • Assist the CHASCo Director in reviewing social norm campaigns;
  • Provide evidence-based suggestions for developing and implementing social norm campaigns; and
  • Serve as a resource for other campuses across the state.

The Membership Subcommittee will:

  • Maintain a current membership roster and update the CHASCo Membership Agreement as necessary;
  • Introduce new CHASCo members at meetings; and
  • Develop and disseminate information necessary to recruit new CHASCo member institutions and reengage members that are not in good standing.

The Professional Development Subcommittee will:

  • Facilitate the development and delivery of the membership meetings and Partners in Prevention Conference;
  • Develop diverse CHASCo training opportunities as appropriate; and
  • Identify contemporary issues in AODV and solicit member feedback to inform training offerings.