About Us

We Are:
We are a collection of higher education professionals who address alcohol and other drug issues on our various campuses. We represent both private and public colleges and universities in the state of Tennessee.

Our Vision:
The Coalition for Safe and Healthy Campus Communities (CHASCo) will be recognized nationwide as a model for effective state-wide coalitions of institutions of higher education addressing campus safety prevention issues. Our members will consistently utilize evidence-based strategies on their individual campuses to reduce high-risk drinking behavior, drug use, and incidents of violence among Tennessee’s college and university students. 

Our Mission:
The mission of CHASCo is to proactively address alcohol, drug, and violence prevention issues on Tennessee’s campuses by providing high-quality consultation and training, technical assistance, research support, and policy development to our member institutions. We actively seek partnerships with state and community agencies in order to provide campuses with a variety of options consistent with their alcohol, drug, and violence prevention efforts. Our members will encourage and enhance local, state, regional, and national initiatives through a commitment to shared standards for policy development, cultural competency, educational and environmental strategies, enforcement, evaluation, and community collaboration.

What Does The Coalition for Healthy and Safe-Campus Communities Do?
The Coalition for Healthy and Safe-Campus Communities (CHASCo) in collaboration with public and private higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies works to implement evidence-based, environmental strategies to decrease under-age and high risk drinking across the state of Tennessee. CHASCo provides support for collaborative initiatives in a variety of ways throughout the year. CHASCo also provides members with access to resources, technical assistance, support and an active listserv.

If your institution would like to become a recognized member of CHASCo, please download this membership application and email it to the Director at matthews@ticua.org. Here is a list of all Supporting Institutions.